Entertainment & Media Legal Consultancy

Legal expertise and specialization in Entertainment and Media Fields, offering personalized, business-orientated Legal Services, on a proactive approach.

Evaluation of legal implication and factors impacting the business or the agreement, in the goal to strengthen rights, identify legal issues and eliminate risk, reducing the likelihood of complications and litigation.

The Philosophy:

The goal secure the client’s legal rights by:

Anticipating business

Anticipating business

legal needs and factors impacting the business
Preventing legal problems

Preventing legal problems

from arising and solving them before they become legal issues

Providing legal guidance

Providing legal guidance

Drafting appropriate agreements

Drafting appropriate agreements

contracts and texts
Preventing or eliminate litigation

Preventing or eliminate litigation

to the necessary for safeguarding vital interests.


How it works

In full cooperation and interactivity with you and your key partners
It Includes:

1.Evaluation of legal implications of business / deal

agreements aspects, future plans

5.Agreement and Policies drafting & Adaptation of Procedures

and protection of ideas and valuable assets / licensing agreements, 

2.Meetings, discussions & negotiations

with partners, clients or third business parties

6.Constant effectiveness evaluation

of contracts, policies and procedures as implemented and risk prevention testing.

3.Advice and guidance on applicable laws

and legal implications impacting your business

7.Regular appreciation, discussions and amendments

according to your changing needs, development of your business or new partnerships and pursuant to the floating business and legal environment

4.Consultation with specialists

for tax, financial or other fields and aspects of the deals – whenever needed

8.We Work Smarter

applying proactively, modern business rules and best-practices to help make the legal experience more efficient and fitted to your floating business needs, always providing for securing the next day.